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Don't Be Misled !

If you’ve ever sold a house before, you were undoubtedly romanced by REALTORS who told you of their outstanding marketing plan that they would implement for you if you listed with them, how many web sites they would get your listing on, or how many sales their office did last year.  And you were probably promised that because of the REALTOR’s tremendous negotiating skills, they would get you more for your house than anyone else could.   

ALL of the above is very nice ..... but very misleading.  ALL major Real Estate companies have outstanding marketing plans.  We ALL transmit our listings to innumerable web sites, ALL of our offices do a lot of business, and many of us are good negotiators.

So if all of the above is deceptive rhetoric (and believe me, it is), what is it that gets a house sold?  The answer is a simple one, and one that few REALTORS (if any) will admit to you: the PRICE is what will sell your house….   your first objective as a seller is to get buyers in your door to see your house.  Your asking price is what will accomplish that task.  The features and condition of your home will do the rest. It really is simple.  How simple ….. ?  Please read on ……

Immediately after taking your listing, any REALTOR (including myself) will put the listing into the Multiple Listing Service(MLS), thereby immediately making just under 30,000 REALTORS aware of it (this is why the most buyer interest is exhibited in the 1st several days of the listing).  If the price has been carefully and intelligently arrived at, buyer agents working for buyers (and who do daily searches in the MLS system for them) will see the listing and immediately inform those clients that there is a new listing that appears to be a good value, and that they should see the house ASAP.  Showings will result, and the features and condition of your house will – as stated above – do the rest.  If the condition and features are consistent with your price, you’ll have an offer in short order.  Simple?  Of course it is.  All of the B.S. will have meant nothing.  The REALTOR’s 25 Step marketing plan, the web site exposure to 100 sites, the 500 transactions of the REALTOR and his office had nothing to do with the offer that was made.

Lastly, please beware of REALTORS’ exaggerated claims of what you can sell your house for in order to win your listing, only to be told a month after it’s listed (and with 5 months left on your listing contract) that you need to lower the price because “things just aren’t selling”, or “there’s a lot of inventory around”.  That is nothing short of B.S. and a very deceitful way of dealing with prospective clients.  



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