Homes in The Remember: No BS !

You Do NOT Need "Wiggle Room"


You should not feel the need to build so-called "Wiggle Room" into the offering price of your home.  To do so, is to admit to yourself and the very well-educated community of potential buyers that your house is over-priced.  And if it's over-priced, you will not get the viewing traffic that you would have gotten had you priced it correctly!  As a result, the diminished level of showings will likely leave your house sitting on the market while homes priced correctly or aggressively will sell.  If you overprice your home and need a price reduction to sell, it will very likely sell for less than it would have had you priced it correctly to begin with.  i.e. the likelihood of a full-price offer  diminishes dramatically as on-market time increases.  

The extensive coverage of Real Estate on the internet has produced an audience of prospective buyers that is very well-educated.  This information that is available to consumers, together with the assistance of their buyer agents, makes it very easy for a buyer to evaluate Real Estate listings and accompanying prices.  Result: they know an overpriced property when they see it.

The flip side of this scenario of well-informed buyers is that they also know a VALUE when they see it!  Homes that appear to be of the most exceptional value will attract the most attention, the most requests for showings, multiple offers, and a transaction price that will very likely exceed the offered price.  

Bottom Line: You need not worry about under-pricing your house.  For a few recent examples, please click the link below!



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